It is important that the research foundation for dual language immersion (DLI) programs be reviewed and discussed by the DLI Leadership Team to ensure that the DLI program that the selected by the district aligns with the program and implementation models that have the best academic and biliteracy results.

There is a growing corpus of research on DLI programs. Becoming knowledgeable of the seminal studies will be important for district and site leadership, as well as for all the members of the DLI Leadership Team. Making sure that the DLI program selected aligns with the research will be important in the district’s campaign to garner support from all stakeholder groups.

Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education: Strand 1, Program Structure, Principle 3; Strand 3, Instruction, Principle 1; Strand 6, Family and Community, Principle 3; Strand 7, Support and Resources, Principles 1

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