The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) is a good resource for research and other reports on English Learner education. The report, “Dual Language Education Programs: Current State Policies and Practices,” was published by OELA and examines policies and practices related to dual language immersion (DLI) education programs across the U.S.

The report presents an analysis of relevant research and existing data related to dual language education policies and practices.

  • “Dual language education promises to give students access to key 21st century skills—namely bilingualism, biliteracy, and global awareness—and because of the expected benefits for English Learners (ELs), an increasing number of schools are adopting this model. Given the professed benefits and growing use of dual language education programs, it is important to understand the current status of dual language education in states and schools around the country to inform policymaking at the federal, state, and local levels.” (Office of English Language Acquisition, 2015, page viii)

Boyle, A., August, D., Tabaku, L, Cole, S., and Simpson-Baird, A. (2015). Dual Language Education Programs: Current State Policies and Practices. Washington, DC: American Institutes for Research.
Available at: https://ncela.ed.gov/files/rcd/TO20_DualLanguageRpt_508.pdf

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