To make the most of your exemplary dual language immersion (DLI) program visits, formulate a list of questions to help the DLI Leadership Team focus on the aspects of the DLI program that the team most wants to learn about to better inform its subsequent planning and work.

For example, the questions for the representatives of the DLI programs you visit might include:

  • What were the considerations that lead you to consider your program and implementation models?
  • How did you decide upon the program and implementation models?
  • How did you recruit teachers for your program?
  • How do you recruit students?
  • What are your registration criteria?
  • How are your waiting lists prioritized and addressed?
  • How do you organize your daily schedule (allocate instructional minutes by language and content area)?
  • How do you maintain adherence to the target language according to the program model?
  • Where do you obtain instructional materials in the target language?
  • What language development assessments do you use?
  • What target language content area assessments do you use?

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