It is important to monitor student progress in acquiring the target language. The Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education (Strand 4, Principle 3) recommend that students in dual language immersion (DLI) programs be assessed in both English and the target language.

  • Determine if students’ language development will be assessed in both languages:
    • In English:
      • English Learners already are assessed annually in English as required by the federal and state government.
        • Additional formative assessment of English Learners’ English language development might be beneficial to inform instruction throughout the year
      • Formative assessment data on English-only students’ language development of English should be gathered, as well.
    • In the target language:
      • Both English Learners and English-only students should be assessed in their development of the target language.
    • Based on the decision of the DLI Leadership Team and the district’s affirmation of the DLI program assessment plan, determine what language assessments would be implemented.
      • Identify what language development assessments are available.
      • Decide which will be adopted for the DLI program.
      • This may require board approval before purchasing the assessments.

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