Reflecting upon the outcomes of the dual language immersion (DLI) program will lead to the identification of areas of strength in the program and areas for growth. Develop a DLI program evaluation plan with an outside evaluator to obtain feedback on the program to guide annual reflection and DLI program improvement.

  • Create a DLI program evaluation plan
    • Develop a timeline for the administration of the evaluation plan
  • Identify an outside evaluator for an external DLI program review
    • Local universities may be a good source of potential program evaluators
    • There are often independent consultants that would be able to serve as the program evaluator, as well
  • Community and district attitudinal survey
    The program evaluator may recommend a survey of attitudes aligned with the DLI program rationale, vision, and mission of the following stakeholder groups:
    • Students in the DLI program
    • Students not in the DLI program
    • Parents of students in the DLI program
    • Parents of students not in the DI program
    • Teachers in the DLI program
    • Teachers not in the DLI program
    • DLI site staff
    • District and site administrators
    • Board members

Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education: Strand 4, Assessment and Accountability, Principles 1, 2, 3, 4


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