An ongoing, strong public relations and recruitment campaign is a critical component to support student participation in dual language immersion (DLI) programs to ensure the programs’ success and sustainability.

  • Each year, a new cohort of students for the program must be recruited.
  • Keep the public relations campaign going strong, updating information on the DLI program as it becomes available
    • Take DLI promotional materials to locations where parents and students who may be interested in a DLI program might frequent
      • Grocery stores
      • Laudromats
      • Daycare centers
      • Preschools (public, private)
      • Community centers
      • Local sports programs, such as
        • Soccer
        • Baseball
        • Basketball
        • Swimming
        • Dance
        • Karate
      • Local universities and community colleges
      • Chambers of commerce
      • Realtors
      • Local service clubs (Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.)
      • Dental offices
      • Pediatrician offices
      • Churches, synagogues, temples
      • Other community events where parents may gather
  • Monitor DLI program enrollment for each upcoming year to assure a minimum of 33% of each linguistic group in each class, and focus recruiting on any linguistic group with lower enrollment percentages
  • Continue building and supporting the school-wide bilingual and bicultural environment
    • Campus signs should be in both English and the target language.
    • Office personnel should be bilingual (English and the target language)
      • Should know the DLI program well enough to answer questions that parents may have when considering enrolling their children in the program.
    • Promote field trips for students in the program to learn about the target language culture
    • Encourage students to use the target language outside the classroom
  • Schedule school tours after the first three months of the DLI program for prospective parents to visit classrooms and observe instruction in the school-wide bilingual and bicultural environment

(Refer to Module 5: Program Support: “Community”)

Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education: Strand 7, Support and Resources, Principle 3


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